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*PRESALE!* Oslo Cat – Tote Bag

350 NOK300 NOK / In stock.

Tote bag of the Oslo Cat.
2-color screen printed.
Presale buyers will get the bag for a 50 kroner discount! 
(colors and details may be slightly different than these images, but hey – I'm doing my best)
The product can not be re-selled.

The bag will be printed some time after summer holiday, hopefully sent to you during august.
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FYI: Summer 2017 I painted a violet blue cat chillin' in the streets of Oslo. The cat gradually became more or less a symbol of wellbeing and happiness, and was featured in newspapers and even a book about wellbeing in cities. So when a douchbag tagged over it the next summer, people of Oslo got real upset. I fixed the cat my next visit and it was so wonderful to talk to people in the neighborhood and see drivers sending out thumbs up! Oslo, I fucking love you.